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Dryer Transition Duct Cleaning

Cleaning the transition duct is an important step in the dryer vent cleaning process.

A transition duct on a dryer is a flexible pipe or tube that connects the dryer’s exhaust port to the vent in the wall. It is used to vent the hot, moist air from the dryer to the outside of the building. The transition duct is typically made of metal or foil, and may be flexible or rigid. It can be 4-8 inches in diameter and typically 4-8 feet long. Earlier transition ducts were made of white vinyl or plastic. These have since been deemed a dangerous fire hazard and should be replaced immediately before continuing use of the dryer.

What to check if you believe that your dryer transition duct is causing you problems.
  1. The first thing you’ll always want to check is if your transition duct from the dryer has been pushed back too far and the hose has been kinked. Often times if the dryer gets pushed too far back it will act like a clog when really the kink is stopping the air flow and this may fix some of your problem.
  2. If you’re able to move the dryer away from the wall safely then start with this. For heavier appliances we have tools available to do this delicately and make sure nothing gets scratched.
  3. Once the dryer has been moved, disconnect the duct from both the dryer and the wall. Use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment to remove as much lint and debris as possible from the duct. If there is a significant amount of lint buildup inside the duct, you may need to use a specialized brush or a long piece of flexible wire to remove it
  4. After cleaning the duct, reattach it to the dryer and vent, and turn the dryer on to ensure that it is venting properly.
  5. Watch out for companies that only complete this step. Many companies will try and get away with doing half the job by only cleaning out the dryer duct transition rather than the whole line all the way through to the exterior exhaust port. It’s important to remember that this is only a temporary solution. Without cleaning the whole dryer vent out the backups may continue. That’s why this is only step 1 of our 4-step process.
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