Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

This is how we do it

Step 1

We clean your dryer’s entire system: lint trap carriage area, lower portion of the dryer and the rear discharge.

* Most companies overlook these areas leaving your dryer clogged-up.

Step 2

We inspect the discharge hose that connects to the wall for any leaks or tears. We will completely clean your discharge hose.

Step 3

We will clean out the entire ducting system in the wall using a rotary brush. This brush removes all lint build-up while vacuuming with a special high powered vacuum.

Step 4

From the outside of the residence, we clean the final discharge located on the roof or exterior wall, ensuring that no obstruction remains in the system.

We also provide service for multi-unit condominiums and apartment buildings.

Our Happy Clients!

Very professional service. The owner is friendly and has a very keen eye to detail. I was so impressed with his services I recommended him to my neighbor’s. Everyone who has used his service is pleased and will be repeat customers. If you want the job done right, with a reasonable price and no worries – Edified Services is who you need to call.

Angie Karalekas

I am very impressed with Edified Services. I hired them to clean my gutters and dryer vent. Even my little dog who barks at workmen liked Ed 🙂 I was happy to learn that cleaning windows is among the list of services they provide! He’s coming back next week to clean mine!

April Thomas


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I am away on a cruise away from my home and did this all over email. Got a great price and they came out that same day for me and my many neighbors. Trustworthy and great work. Thanks!

Steve Darpino

Shutter Installation
I had a big job putting up hurricane shutters on a two-story home, Eddie and his wife did a great job, they were very professional, on time, and appreciative for the work. Their price was very fair and overall, I would highly recommend them. I will definitely call them again for various odd jobs in the future.

Jessica Visner

Gutters, downspouts, power wash pool deck, front porch, driveway and sidewalks – They did an incredible job and I have already scheduled another appointment.

Larraine Martlock


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